Books on Parachute Technology Issued in Russia (1965 - 1996)

Author(s) Title Printed by Year Pages
N.Lobanov Principles of Design and Analysis of Parachutes Mashinostroenie, Moscow 1965 363
A.Antonenko, O.Rysev, F.Fatyhov, V.Churkin, Y.Yurcev Flight Dynamics of Parachute Systems Mashinostroenie, Moscow 1982 152
Y.Shevljakov, V.Temnenko, V.Tischenko Dynamics of Parachute Systems Vischa Shcola, Odessa 1985 160
O.Rysev, S.Belozerkovsky, M.Nisht, A.Ponomarev Parachutes and Hang-Gliders Computer Investigations Mashinostroenie, Moscow 1987 240
Y.Davydov, Y.Mosseev Aerodynamic Research of Parachute Systems Using The Large Particles Method Institute of Parachute Constructions, Moscow 1990 90
B.Gulin, V.Ridel Dynamics of Soft Shells Nauka, Moscow 1990 205
O.Rysev The Parachute Shape Forming Models MAPCIPKK, Moscow, 1990 76
Y.Davydov, O.Rysev Fluid Dynamics of Parachute Systems Institute of Parachute Constructions, Moscow 1991 25
O.Rysev, A.Vishnjak, V.Churkin, Y.Yurcev The Dynamics of Connected Bodies in Problems of Parachute Systems Movement Mashinostroenie, Moscow 1992 288
O.Goman, A.Karpljyk, M.Nisht, A.Sudakov The Numerical Modelling of Axisymmetric Separated Flows of Incompressible Fluid Mashinostroenie, Moscow 1993 284
V.Morozov, A.Ponomarev, O.Rysev Mathematical Modelling of Complex Aeroelastic Systems Nauka, Moscow 1995 736
O.Rysev, A.Ponomarev, M.Vasiljev, A.Vishnjak, I.Dneprov, Y.Mosseev Parachute Systems Nauka, Moscow 1996 288

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