Aerodynamic Analysis

The flow of compressible fluid over the system of bodies can be predicted by the Calculator. The remote program PARAD-2.2 is applied in this case. Thus, this task is solved by our server. For this purpose, fill in forms below (data, your e-mail address and name) and submit. Then e-mail with form will be received by the server, processed and sent with the results back to your e-mail box. We need your e-mail address because these products are e-mail based. If you have concerns about giving out your e-mail address, please read our statement of integrity. The Calculator will run JavaScripts. Be sure your browser supports this language, otherwise install Netscape Navigator (recommended) or Internet Explorer.

Data Form
Type of task:
2-Dimensional plane
2-Dimensional axisymmetric

Static solution (if exist)
Dynamic solution

Specific heatings ratio (Cp/Cv)=
Mach number =
Angle of attack (in degrees)=
with respect to Ox axis (ignored in axisymmetric case)
Reynolds number based on the body size=

Geometry of Bodies

Geometry option: Polyline (broken line) or Smoothed (B-spline)
Fill in coordinates in left columns and leave spaces between data and comments. Format: [X] [Y] [comment]. The Ox axis indicates the downstream direction for zero angle of attack. In axisymmetric case Ox - axis is the basic (Y=0) and 1/2 of geometry can be assigned. The list containing at least 15-20 points is recommended for smoothed geometry. If the geometry is very complex, or your browser can't import list of points from other files, you may send the geometry file separately by regular e-mail as a ZIP attachment. The file can be also in DXF, DWG, 3DS and other CAD formats supported/converted by AutoDesk products. The files in graphic formats GIF and JPEG are acceptable as well. Anyway the size of files mailed separately MUST BE LIMITED by 40Kb. The number of bodies and points describing the geometry is unlimited. Solid body must be assigned as closed line, i.e. first and last point coincide. Specify in comments first and last point of each body, the position of gaps and perforation of shell if any. Any problem to define and input huge list of coordinates? Leave it to us. Describe the geometry in words if possible (ex.: "Three bodies: 1) Sphere, radius R=2, center located at [7;0]; 2) Disk, radius R=1, center at [0;0], uniform porosity 15%; 3) Cylinder diameter D=0.2 connecting sphere and disk")

Geometry of Boundaries (if exist)

Geometry option: Polyline (broken line)or Smoothed (B-spline)
See instruction above (Geometry of Bodies). Unlike finite bodies, the boundary can be unlimited. Use very large (but finite!) coordinates in this case. You may assign several boundaries and appropriate conditions (suction, injection, motion, etc.) in this form. Just specify it in comments.

The result must be sent in the following form (check the boxes):

Drag coefficient
Pressure field (*.gif file)
Density field (*.gif file)
Mach number field (*.gif file)
Velocity vector field (*.gif file)
Temperature field (*.gif file)
Data file with results (for PostProcessor)

E-mail form:
Your Name
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Add information, suggestion, comment, specific requirements if any. Describe the task if data above are not comprehensive. Indicate the range/list of parameters if serial computing needed.

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One two-dimensional subsonic task = $200
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One three-dimensional supersonic task = $300
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Discount for serial computing and optimization = 15%
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Post-Processor PARAD-2.2 = FREE
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