Aerodynamic program DVM-2

register No 950412 by RosAPO

The program is designed for aerodynamic analysis of ram-air parachute systems and paragliders
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The 2-dimensional Discrete Vortices Method (DVM) is applied to compute a flow around an airfoil and simplified theory of finite-aspect ratio wing. The computing code takes into account: possible flow separation on the upper surface, drag of suspension lines, flares and payload, friction in turbulent boundary layer depending on Reynolds number. It defines pressure distribution on the canopy and integral coefficients of drag and lifting forces. The program helps to optimize rib geometry with strengthening carcass and holes, position of intake, canopy plan geometry, optimal angle of attack ensuring maximal Lift/Drag ratio, defines the position of convergence point and appropriate suspension lines length for chosen angle of attack. The DVM-2 has an interface with MONSTR-2.2 to ensure an aeroelastic approach in solution, to confirm that the canopy keeps chosen perfect form under aerodynamic loading and to define structural stressing state.

This program is the component of the integrated software and consists of Pre/Postprocessor and two computing codes for 2D and 3D problems respectively.

The Preprocessor helps to create and edit 3 types of data text files responsible for

The Postprocessor displays results in multiwindow graphic mode

The computing process is very fast and takes at about 5 minutes (200 vortices, 10 angles of attack).

In order to run the software via Internet, please, visit our Calculator or fill in and submit the data form.

DVM-2 Preprocessor screen. Optimizing of paraglider.

Screen of Postprocessor. The analysis of paraglider.

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