Aerodynamic program EXPRESS

(register No 950410 by RosAPO)
The program is designed to define the drag coefficient of supersonic decelerators

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The code was named EXPRESS since it provides very fast computing in comparison with grid-based CFD codes. This program is independent, but was included in MONSTR-2.2 as a built-in code. The program is the component of the integrated software and consists of Pre / Postprocessor and main computing code. It is based on analytical method (see AIAA Paper - 93-1227) and defines important aerodynamic dependencies of decelerators in turbulent forebody wake "drag vs. distance", "drag vs. Mach number" and some others.

The Preprocessor helps to prepare / edit data in text file including

The result is presented by Postprocessor in multiwindow mode including

The geometry of parachute in flight must be assigned in data file. If it is unknown in advance, it should be defined from experiment or from structural program (ex. MONSTR-2.2). As to MONSTR-2.2, it has built-in EXPRESS code and defines the parachute geometry as a result of aeroelastic solution, i.e. taking into consideration the pressure distribution around the canopy.

In order to run the software via Internet, please, visit our Calculator or fill in and submit the data form.

See List of Papers on this software background and applications.

captured screen of Postprocessor

Screen of Postprocessor

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