Integrated Software MONSTR 

is designed for dynamic structural and aeroelastic analysis of arbitrary textile shells undergoing aerodynamic, distributed, concentrated and body forces

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APPLICABLE TO ARBITRARY CONSTRUCTIONS, including: RESULTS (look through our Gallery): COMPONENTS of the integrated software (each can be run as independent program as well): ADVANTAGES of the software: HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS INTRODUCED INTO PRACTICE of 20+ companies and was used in 50+ projects (including all the previous versions of programs)

PACKAGE includes: CD  (executable & text codes, library of examples, user guide).

MAINTENANCE includes: 24-hour hot-line (e-mail, fax, telephone), free consulting, an assistance when solving applied problems, a modification and adaptation of program according to consumer's requirements, creation of interfaces to user's software.

TRAINING includes:  lectures on site, demo-and-training examples library, built-in guide & on-line help.

The programs were registered and certified by Russian government legal agency RosAPO in 1995: MONSTR-2.2 (No 950413), PARAD-2.2 (No 950411), DVM-2 (No 950412), EXPRESS (No 950410).

See List of Papers on this software background and applications.

The author and copyright owner - Yuri Mosseev (e-mail:

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