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Balloons & Airships & Inflatables & Kites


Balloons, Blimps, Airships, Inflatables

21st Century Airships
Advanced Hybrid Aircraft
Adventure Activities Australia
Adventure Balloons
AeroNATC (Russia)
Aeronautical Adventures, Inc.
Aerostar International (balloon mfg)
Aerosaurus and Exeter Balloons
Air Dimensional Design Inc.
Airship Manufacturer Database
Airship Management Service, Inc.
Airship Technologies Group
Air-Vision International - 1 address
Air-Vision International - 2 address
American Blimp Corp.
Avian Balloon Corporation
Avon Marine
Ballonsport Boelling (model hot-air balloons and blimps)
Balloon Aloft - ballooning company Australia
Ballooning - Links
Balloon Promotions Inc.
Balloon Supply and Design House
Big Events, Inc.
Big Ideas Giant Inflatables
Blimpy Floating Signs
Boland Balloon + Hot Air Airship
Boulder Blimp
Brighter Skies Hot Air Balloon Company - Connecticut
British Ballooning Company (USA - Louisiana)
Buckeye Powered
California Inflatables
Cameron Balloons Spain
Cameron Balloons - UK
Cameron Balloons - UK - amherst host
Cameron Balloons US
CargoLifter AG
Cherry Ballooning ( Oscar Kers )
Continental Balloon Challenges, LTD
Crewdog Ballooning
Curly's Airships
Custom Service Labs
Cutting Edge Creations, Inc. (cold air inflatables)
David Bristol (builder of balloons)
Del Mar Balloons.
Dreams Come True - Ohio
Dymocks Flyer
EDF Products Inc.
Experimental Balloon and Airship Association
Fantasy Sky Promotions Inc.
Festo Online - Homepage
Flight Brothers
Flying Circus
Global Skyship Industries Inc. -1
Global Skyship Industries Inc. - 2
Globus Luftballon GmbH
Gone With The Winds Balloon Company
Grand Events
Great Escape Ballooning Ltd.
Hamilton Airship Company
Have Balloon (NJ, USA)
Head Balloons, Inc.
Hexnet Airship Systems
Hot Air
Hot Air Balloon Flights - UK
Hot Air Balloons Unicorn
Hot Air Balloons USA
ILC Dover, Inc
indoor blimps, rc blimps, radio controlled blimps, remote...
Inflatable Images & Windship Aviation Ltd.
Inflatable - Windship Aviation Ltd.
Interface Airship Inc.
Jane's All the World's Airships
K2 Balloons Home Page (UK)
Lawrence Feir (builder of balloons)
Lightship Group
Lindstrand Balloons USA -1
Lindstrand Balloons USA -2
Lollipop Hot Air Balloons (Pennsylvania)
Mach Zero Hot Air Balloon Company
Mako Inflatables
Marvin's French Airship Association
Media Vision Inflatables
Metlife Blimp
Missouri Balloon Corporation
Mobile Airships &
Mooney Time Ballooning
Morning Star Hot Air Balloon Company - Washington State
National Balloon Classic - Indianola, Iowa
Neon wind hot air balloon
NJIT homepage
NZ Aerosports Ltd
Oil Stop, Inc.
Oldsmobile Balloon Classic-Illinois(USA - Illinois)
Oran Asia Ltd.
Outdoor Water Sports, Inc.
Oxford Promotions Ltd. -Special shapes and balloon pins
Para-Ski International
Pawling Corporation
Pie In the Sky
Richard Bacon (blimps, replicas, spheres, castles, more... )
Plano Pin Company
Presray Corporation
Promotional Information Group
Ragge & Willow Enterprises, Inc. (USA)
Remote Controlled Airship
Robot Blimp--Bipedal Ornithopter UAV
Samgong Industries, Ltd (boats)
Seal Master Corporation
Sky Balloons Limited
Sky Sail Balloons (USA)
Skyview -1
Skyview (Cananda, Ottawa)
Skyship Cruise Ltd.,
Starship Hot Air Balloon Page
Stewart's Baskets & Balloons
Stratos Ballooning
Solar Hot Air Balloon
TCOM Aerostats and Airships
Thunder & Colt
Ulita Industries
ULM Europe
Ultralight Thermal Airship
Ultramagic Balloons (Spain)
Unicorn Balloon Company of AZ &CO
Valhalla Aerostation
West Coast Blimps and Electronics
Westinghouse Airships Inc.
Windworks hot air balloon company (USA - Jefferson City)
World Balloon Corporation
Worldwide Aeros Corporation
Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH
ZIA ballooning


Lockheed Martin - SANDIA airbags
The Global Airbag Market: 1996-2005
The Car Connection
Yahoo! UK & Ireland - Business and Economy:Companies:Automotive:Security
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Automotive:Security

NASA balloons

NASA's Scientific Ballooning Program (Research, Palestine,tx)
NASA Balloon Program: Springboard for Space Science
NASA Science on Giant Balloons


SEI Industries Ltd.(Bamby Buckets, Twins, HL5000, HL7600, HL9800, ...)


Scott Goldbach's Personal Web Page (kites + other related sites)
rec.kites archive

other WWW sites and links

12th Lighter-Than-Air Systems Technology Conference
Airship home page !!!!
Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine website guide...
Airship and Blimp Resources
Alf Erickson's Home Page
Art of Scientific Ballooning, The
Aviation Unlimited
Balloon Central
Ballooning - Links !!
Ballooning Online!
British Balloon Museum & Library
Build your own Balloon
David Bristol's Home Page
Edward E. Horton III - Home Page
Eric C. Hodges' World of Hot Air Ballooning
Eric Goodson's Ballooning Online
European Museum of Balloons and Airships
Frank Wimler's balloon page
Gateway Aerostatic Association - St. Louis, MO
Greg Nelson's Balloon Home Page
Hank Beck's Home Page
Hot-Air web sites
Hot Air Balloon World
Infoseek search result on ballooning
Jeff's ballooning page
Jeroen's ballooning pages
Kavanagh Balloons Web site
Landings: Aviation related companies on the web: Index-A
Long-duration Ballooning in Antarctica - (Research
Matt's Peach Page
Micki's Balloon World (USA - Texas)
Mike Walden's Home Page
Model Hot Air Balloons - Michael Bollings Home Page
Morris's Ballooning Info Page
Promotion Dirigeables
r/c indoor balloon kits, radio controlled balloon kits,...
Simply Sophisticated Balloon Decorations
Soukup &Thomas International Balloon & Airship Museum
The Internet Ballooning Family Album
Ultralight Flyer Online
University of Edinburgh
Up in the air - McDonald
WWW Balloon Pages
World of Commercial Ballooning
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Marketing:Advertising:Outdoor Advertising:Inflatables
Yahoo! - Recreation:Aviation:Ballooning
Recreation: Aviation: Blimps

Associations, clubs, fiestas, championships

Great Eastern Balloon Association
1998, 6th Hot Air Airship World Championships (Canada)
AIAA LTA Technical Committee
Air Affair Aviation Hotlist
Association of Balloon and Airship Constructors
Balloon Federation of America
Ballooning Belgium
Balloon Association of Greater Illinois
Balloon Federation of America
British Balloon and Airship Club
Bristol University Hot Air Ballooning Society (BUHABS)
Bluff city aerostat association
Canadian Balloon Association
French Airship Association
Lighter-Than-Air Society [USA]
Lone Star Ballooning Association of Texas
Official Home Page 1997 U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championships

Textile: patterning, design, products

Textile prroducts List
Software & Hardware Search (search engine in textile )
MONA - The Textile Design Explorer
AVL colorware
Cybertex - Software Packages for the Textile- and Garment Industry
Welcome to Catalunya Disseny (PADSystem: Pattern and Marker CAD software)
Autodesk Registered Developers - Software Solutions (Textile Design )

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