Structural program MONSTR-2.2

(register No 950413 by RosAPO) 

The program is designed for dynamic and static structural analysis of arbitrary textile shells undergoing distributed, concentrated and body forces
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The name "MONSTR" is abbreviation "soft inflatable structures" (in Russian).

This program is the main component of integrated software and consists of 4 executive codes: Preprocessor, Postprocessor,  Processor (computing code) and Patterner. All the components are user-friendly and ergonomic codes.

The Processor is based on modified finite-element method. The modifications allows to speed up the dynamic and static solution and guarantee fast convergence in static case, to consider large deformations (100% and more) and displacements, to deal with independent unmatched meshes (see example) connecting them correctly "node -to- element" as well as standard "node-to-node". The nonlinear behaviors of orthotropic materials including softness of fabric and flexibility of carcass are welcome. Only simplex finite elements are used: triangle for fabric and cut for ribbon, cord or seam. Any shell construction can be considered since there is no limitation in structure complexity and number of elements. A large list of applicable boundary conditions enables to simulate a lot of real situations. More about Processor? - [click here]

The Preprocessor enables to create and/or edit finite element (FE) system, loads, boundary conditions. There are 3 ways to build a mesh

It is possible to change warp direction in details, type of material, load just in seconds. No problem to work with very complex 3-dimensional structures due to fast rotating, zooming, filtering, hiding and rendering procedures. There are also autocorrectors to improve condensed and degenerated mesh parts, to add and remove elements. Any macroelements can be stitched even despite of unmatched meshes. The Preprocessor has material data base.

In order to assign aerodynamic load from CFD codes, the Preprocessor has interfaces with programs

The Postprocessor displays results in multiwindow color mode It is possible to analyze and compare several structures simultaneously, use full screen, capture screen, display full construction if symmetry applied.

The Processor performs computing for ready data file. The processing is animated on the screen and one can interrupt / correct it:

The Patterner generates 2D patterns for any 3D mesh (details of 3D surfaces).

In order to run the software via Internet, please, visit our Calculator or fill in and submit the data form.

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The author and copyright owner - Yuri Mosseev (e-mail:
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