3D/2D Aerodynamic program PARAD 2.2

(register No 950411 by RosAPO) 

The program is designed for 2D/3D-aerodynamic analysis of perforated shells and solid bodies in high-speed flow 
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The code PARAD ("PARachute AeroDynamics") is actually applicable to any bodies and perforated shells including parachutes. The program is the component of the integrated software and consists of 5 executive codes:  3D and 2D Preprocessors, Postprocessor and 3D and 2D Processors (main computing codes). All the components are user-friendly and ergonomic codes. The Processor is based on Lagrangian-Eulerian method for perfect compressible fluid. In order to improve results in forebody wake, where significant turbulence observed, the semiempirical turbulent tension is taken into consideration in fitted mesh. The best results are obtainable in range Mach number >0.5 for bluff bodies and Mach>0.1 for streamlined ones.

The Preprocessor helps to create and edit computing mesh using the body shape in flow. The shape is presnted as a 2D sketch (polylines and B-splines) or 3D surfaces (DXF, DWG, 3DS or compatible CAD formats). The mesh is generated preliminary as a regular one NxM with rectangular cells and then can be quickly adapted to boundaries. The input list contains also Mach number, specific heatings ratio, Reynolds number , type of task (3D, axisymmetric, planar), time decrement (can be defined automatically). An interface with MONSTR-2.2 helps to import the shape of movable shell in aeroelastic case and export pressure distribution back into structural code.

The Postprocessor provides the multiwindow color analysis of results and displays

The Processor realizes the numerical method and is very fast. The solution is animated completly. The evolution graphs of integral drag coefficients Cx(t), Cy(t), Cz(t) and main aerodynamic functions are monitored by user and dynamic solution can be interrupted at any time. The steady solution is obtainable as time limit or time-averaged of dynamic one.

In order to run the software via Internet, please, visit our Calculator or fill in and submit the data form.

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Postprocessor' screen. Parachute-forebody system (Mach=2)

Screen of Postprocessor. The parachute-forebody system (Mach=2)
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The author and copyright owner - Yuri Mosseev (e-mail: mosseev@mtu-net.ru)

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