Cutting Patterns

Patterning is applied for balloons, blimps, inflatable figures, air-supported and other sophisticated structures.

The program PATTERNER-2.2 is based on MONSTR-2.2 code and provides the generation of patterns for any 3-dimensional surface prepared in CAD format (DXF, DWG, 3DS, etc.).

In order to prepare 3D virtual model refer to "3D-Modeling" page.

Mail us ready 3D-model in CAD format (*.dwg, *.dxf, *.3ds, *.max) as a compressed file attachment, specify fabric bolt width, submit your name and e-mail address. The resulting patterns (in CAD format or according to your specific requirements) will be e-mailed you.

Price = $100 - $300 depends on complexity of 3D model and number of patterns.
Final price will be evaluated by our experts and mailed you in advance to obtain consent.
Receipt of your order and timing of work will be confirmed via e-mail.
The bill will be e-mailed with the results.
Form of payment: wire transfer.

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