Relax! Ragtime all the night...

'Lazy Bones Rag' by Charlie Straight. File 'lazybone.mid', size = 43 Kb.

"Lazy Bones Rag" by Charlie Straight. Arranged and sequenced by John Roache
Notes by John Roache: I first heard this rag performed by Tom Brier at the Monterey Bay Ragtime Festival in 1995. Tom is always looking for obscure ragtime pieces to perform. This one fills the bill nicely. It apparently was only published as a piano roll. Tom got a xerox copy of the roll and transcribed it into a piano solo. He gave me a copy of his transcription. Since the transcription was intended for solo piano performance, I can imagine that not all of the notes from the piano roll were transcribed for playability reasons. I endeavored to tailor my arrangement to what I imagine the piano roll must have sounded like. So what you hear has gone full-circle; Piano-roll to sheet music, and back to piano roll (if you consider a MIDI sequence a piano roll). Thanks to piano-roll wizard George Bogatko for his ideas and contributions to this arrangement. LAZYBONE.MID is a stereo midi which uses pan controller instructions to place each note in a stereo spectrum. Lowest note at the far left and the highest note far right. All the rest somewhere in between depending on their pitch. It sounds just like you were sitting in front of a player piano.

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