Coming soon ...

Software. Our software is now applicable for PC under DOS or 32-bit platform (Windows-NT, OS/2, Windows-95). In order to overcome these limitations and expand the software ability to any type of computer and platform, we are planning to base next version of programs on Java language supported by modern Internet browsers. As a result, the user could get an access to our full-featured resources and services directly via Internet. Try some features, which are already on-line.

Computing. We used to receive an order by regular mail, fax or e-mail and then spend a lot of time for preprocessing. Now the JavaScript-based templates of order with the built-in diagnostics is introduced into practice. So, Internet-user can avoid errors and send the verified order directly to our server. As expected, the result will be delivered overnight. Click here to try this service.

Calculator performing the aerodynamic and structural analysis via Inernet is already under development. Some features are already on-line. You can try it today if your browser supports JavaScript!

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