Program WinPlaner
is designed for flight dynamics analysis of complex mechanical systems with nonrigid links, including:

VIPLAN allows to simulate payload-parachute flight dynamics for the following phases:

For systems with multiple parachutes (for example for systems with Auxiliary, Drogue and Main parachutes) VIPLAN allows to perform overall simulations from beginning of Auxiliary parachute extraction and up to payload landing. In this case the end of previous phase is automatically used as the beginning of the following phase. VIPLAN allows also to perform Monte-Carlo simulations which take into account probability distributions of payload and parachute parameters (mass, inertia, center, aerodynamic characteristics, harness elasticity, canopy geometry , etc.), atmosphere parameters and initial conditions.

Examples of VIPLAN analysis can be found in:

The author and copyright owner - Andrey Vishnyak (e-mail:

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